Women Weavers- The Warp of Memory – IDEOBOX ARTSPACE – Windwood Miami

Last night on September 14th was the opening of the art exhibition “Women Weavers, the warp of memory” at the IDEOBOX ARTSPACE in Windwood. The exhibition is curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective, directed by Curator Adriana Herrera.


Norah Hernández, an artist from Puerto Rico is participating as an invited artist of this exhibition, along  with Pioneers Olga de Amaral, Stella Bernal de Parra, Maria Angélica Medina, and Cecilia Vicuña. Other invited artists were Frida Baranek, Karla Capralli, Sandra de Berduccy, Sylvia Denburg, Marina Font, Akiko Jackson, Mira Lehr, Elysia Mann, Marcela Marcuzzi, Suzanne Noujaim, Cecilia Paredes, Mabel Poblet, Raquel Schwartz, and Agustina Woodgate.


In the center Curator Adriana Herrera smiles along with participating artists.



The exhibition has the work of women threading their artistic vision. According to curator Adriana Herrera : Their artwork span from the celular universe to all that could be weaved or stretched atop the image of the feminine body.


Artwork of Norah Hernández



AKiko Jackson, Norah Hernández and Olga de Amaral



Norah Hernández and Akiko Jackson in front of Akikos art work.



Norah Hernández with Victor Losito, Akiko Jackson and a friend.


It was an honor to attend such a magnificent exhibition! So proud of my lifetime friend Norah.


Norah Hernández with one of her “Bodies of Light” and María Juliana Villafañe



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